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5 Ways To De-Stress Everyday

Daily stress which can range from simple traffic problems to more complex ones due to work-related worries, financial strain, marital problems, and more can cause physical effects on our body. These include changes in mood, sleep patterns, eating habits and even contribute to life-threatening diseases like heart problems and development of cancer. With these said, it is important for us to pick our battles wisely and just shrug off the unnecessary ones.

Stress And Our Body’s Reaction To Stress

Stress is defined as mental or emotional tension due to demanding or adverse circumstances in one’s life. A study from the Stress Management Society indicates that is naturally designed to undergo 2 to 3 intense stress on a monthly basis. When the number goes higher, we feel burnt out. Likewise, when stress isn’t properly managed, our body suffers through the form of illness or weak physical and mental functioning.

When we are stressed, the hormone Cortisol floods our system and we begin to breathe rapidly because our heart rate increases and our blood vessels constrict. We experience discomfort and panic thinking that the situation is out of control and there’s nothing we can do about it. This is called the flight response.

5 Ways To De-Stress Everyday

The great news is, just like our body’s flight response, we are also capable of the relaxation response. When this happens, our breathing slows down and our blood pressure decreases. So, instead of wallowing over stress and feeling its debilitating stress, what we can do is to face it head on and divert our attention so we can undo its bad effects.

Follow these 5 scientifically backed ways to de-stress on a daily basis:


This is the #1 on the list because physical activity helps clear your head and encourage the production of the happy hormones Endorphins. Just imagine your Endorphins fighting off the Cortisols, eventually making you feel relaxed. You can go for 10-minute outdoor walk or exercise in the comfort of your home. How about trying on that vibrating plates you bought a week ago?


Natural oils from plants or herbs boosts our holistic well-being. There are lots of varieties of essential oils that you can use to decrease your stress levels up to 40% just like what many studies claim. You can rub it on the temples of your head or on your entire body, put it in a diffuser to calm the entire room, or rub it on your pillowcases.

Eat Better

Don’t mistake this tip for binge-eating. When I say eat better, I mean selectively picking healthy foods like an avocado, a bowl of nuts or oatmeal, a freshly-made smoothie, or veggie salad. Eat mindfully, focusing on its taste, texture, smell, and how it fills up your tummy.



Much of the stress we experience come from the television, emails, or text messages. So, what better way to give our mind a break than by unplugging for a couple of minutes or a few hours once a day, let’s say starting an hour before bedtime?


Are you into crocheting, knitting, or cross-stitching? Do you know that the repetitive motions can actually your anxiety? So, next time you feel to overwhelmed with life’s circumstance, grab your hook and yarn an start crafting!

Daily stress is inevitable. What we can control instead is our reaction to it, so we better be smart enough to do things that can alleviate, if not totally eliminate it in our daily lives. For more information, click here >> allvibrationplates | Best Vibration Plate Reviews

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Top 5 Effective Homemade Migraine Remedies for Quick Relief


In this busy life, we often overlook smaller headache or deal it with aspirin (which aggravates the issues, if used excessively).

Headache point towards an absence of something from your body-or it makes require you to change the way you eat, drink or breathing patterns.

The built-up tension is an indicator of deficiency of the vitamin or some nutrients. A headache is likely to trigger by fatigue, stress, bad posture, eyestrain or low hormonal level, so the body needs a change that you can do.

What is a Migraine?

A recurrent throbbing pain in the head, more often on one side is a migraine.
Not a typical kind of a headache, migraine heeds attention. If you observe those, you may also feel nausea, pounding pain or sensitivity to sound and light.

If you experience any signs of vomiting, belly pain, upset stomach and loss of appetite, be alert that they may be symptoms of a migraine. When a kid experiences a migraine, he may feel dizzy, turn pale, and feel blurred vision and temperature.

Natural remedies for a migraine have no side effects. Home treatments help prevent migraines and reduce their severity or duration. Its one form is called the aura when you experience visual disturbance such as shimmering, splotches and flashes.

Over the counter (OTC) medication is helpful in the case of severe migraines. You may need to talk to your doctor about a severe migraine and get a plan that suits you.

Homemade Migraine Remedies for you:


Being prone to a migraine cause its aggravation by any stimuli. Focusing on the issue is essential to alter the headache patterns. If you want to get rid of the tension, stay tuned for a natural cure because here you will find five effective homemade remedies for a migraine.

Lavender Oil:

Lavender Oil may bring you an ease if you are facing migraine. Inhale this oil to cut through the severity because, in 2012, a research study revealed that people suffering from a migraine inhaled Lavender Oil for 15 minutes showed fast improvement as compared to those who went for placebo.

You can dilute it as you need and can also apply it to see the result. Apply directly it to the temple and massage at the back to see relief. Eucalyptus oil can be beneficial for this issue because when it is applied on forehead, temple, and wrists, it can reduce tension and lowers stress.

Use Ice Packs:

To stop migraine pain, go for cold water instead of hot. It is because hot water cannot ease migraine pain while ice acts as an anti-inflammatory.

According to Clinical Director of Harvard Faculty, at Comprehensive Headache Center, icepacks provides a numbing effect. It helps to lower the pain sensation, and after some time you will feel a dull pain.

Cold aids in relieving swelling and pain, since a migraine is a vascular pain, cold works better than heat.

Application of Herbs:

American Academy of Neurology in a recent study puts that herbs can be helpful in relieving migraine. Butterbur is beneficial to curb the issue because it helps to support healthy blood flow towards the brain. Feverfew also helps in this regard. It is a flowering herb similar to the daisy.

People in past times used to do this cure for migraines. Its frequency can significantly be lowered by taking dry leaf capsules of feverfew. Other herbs, like catnip, basil, and chamomile work positive for relief. Herbs act natural way and among best homemade migraine remedies.

Fulfill Magnesium Deficiency:

A possible cause of a headache and migraine is lack of magnesium in the daily diet. Research studies reflected that supplements of magnesium oxide help lowering stress from a migraine with aura. It also helps with the menstrually related migraine. Certain foods that can provide magnesium are:
• Sunflower seeds
• Almonds
• Sesame seeds
• Brazil nuts
• Peanut butter
• Oatmeal
• Eggs, and
• Cashews
Beside this, daily intake of riboflavin helps to curb the issue. In a study, patients took daily riboflavin (400mg) and felt the significant reduction in a migraine just after three months period. Vitamin B2 is present in many foods, such as spinach, yogurt, mushroom, lamb, sundried tomatoes, and almonds.

Protein-rich foods help to deal with this issue. Best protein foods help booting serotonin level, which is helpful for migraine sufferers. These foods are eggs, turkey, chicken, beans, banana, oats, dates and dairy foods.


Opt Relaxation Therapies:

Certain massages and relaxation therapies work significantly in relieving pain. Massage helps to ease shoulder and neck spasms. Tai chi enhances awareness of body and makes it convenient for a body to detect any upcoming pain in the head.

Moreover, yoga is quite helpful in making body aware of the physical condition, keeps the body fit and relaxed. With the help of meditation, breathing and body postures, well-being increases. Intensity, frequency, and duration of a migraine are likely to lower down with the help of yoga. It is positive to improve stress conditions and anxiety and an overall improvement in the vascular health.

Yoga kind that focuses on relaxing mind is fruitful to adopt, e.g., restorative yoga or Hatha. Some researchers even advise yoga as a perfect homemade migraine remedy.

A General Note:

Improved well being, while adopting homemade migraine remedies is not bad since it has no side effects and helps with reducing the frequency of the issue. There is no as such treatment to stop this recurring headache, but with care, its intensity can be reduced.

Improving sleep quality also matters. In case of a migraine, try to sleep because it relaxes the mind and allows a mild sensation that helps to lower the pain. Prescribed massage and relaxing therapies are best to go with because they cope with body conditions, decrease anxiety, nausea, depression and heart rate.

Furthermore, autonomic reactions to stress should be controlled through biofeedback method. A migraine often occurs by muscle fatigue; this technique is helpful in that case. Paying heed to these remedies may work, but this should be combined with the balanced diet.

Many foods act as migraine triggers, like chocolate, bacon, hot dogs, red wine, Swiss and cheddar cheese and processed foods. It is essential to control the caffeine level in the diet of migraine sufferers.

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10 Healthy Spices You Need to Add To Your Diet

10 Healthy Spices You Need to Add To Your Diet

Many people worry that they are missing out on trace elements and minerals and make up for it by buying expensive and sometimes ineffective supplements. Many spices contain vital nutrients that aid our health, improving circulation and boosting digestive transit. WebMD agrees that many spices and herbs have great health benefits.

Spices also make food taste great! It can be hard to change from sugar- and salt-laden processed foods, which have been designed to appeal to our pleasure centres and taste buds, to real food in which flavours are sometimes more subtle. The judicious addition of the right spice can enhance the flavour of foods, and correspondingly, our pleasure in eating well.

What Are the Ten Best Spices to Eat?

Chilli And Peppers

From cayenne to chilli, peppers are a great way to boost your health and your weight loss journey. The active part of the plant, capsaicin, is the part that makes the food feel hot. It is also the part of the plant that works to boost digestive processes – rather too well, sometimes!

Dr Stephen Sinatra recommends eating cayenne for digestive relief and even advocates topical applications to relieve the symptoms of arthritic pain and muscle aches.

Chillies will increase your body’s fat burners as well as adding some great flavour to bland healthy food.


Ginger has long been known to boost energy and general health. It is also useful for calming upset stomachs and has been found to be effective against some arthritic pain. Add this versatile root to savoury and sweet dishes alike, or infuse it with lemon and honey to make a warming and energising drink to kickstart your day and your digestion.


Cinnamon can be added to loads of different recipes like smoothies, soups and juices. Cinnamon has a light, sweetly spiced smell when added to food. The raw spice is pungent and can cause a burning sensation on the tongue if eaten by itself. It is great added to deserts, but can also be added to savoury stews and curries.

The consumption of cinnamon can help to lower and stabilise blood sugars. In a diabetes-prone world, this is very useful indeed.


The bright yellow powdered spice – in its natural form it looks something like a ginger root, except for the bright yellow colouration inside – is enjoying something of a popularity surge at the moment.

This fab, however, is worth going along with as the health benefits are many and proven. Among the benefits are included: great mental acuity in old age, improved heart health, and there are even suggestions that using the spice can prevent the onset of some cancers.

You can add it to your scrambled eggs, rice, soups and vegetables. Turmeric smoothies are a great way of adding this super spice to your diet. If you need a blender to start making these healthy smoothies you can find a guide on buying the best quiet blender here.


Long treasured for its bright and cheerful colour, saffron has, of late, been discovered to be good for our insides too. It has anti-depressant properties and contains a host of beneficial trace elements that might be otherwise lacking from modern diets.

Saffron is a great spice to use in your rice dishes, risotto, bread, jams and paella.


Parsley is a well-known spice and used by many. The great thing about parsley is the versatility. It can be used in so many different recipes. It is an excellent source of vitamins C and K and it is also bursting with folate – making it the ideal addition when you are pregnant.

If you’re looking for a spice to help with joint pain, bone health and reduce the chances of getting diabetes, parsley should be a spice you try to add to every dish.


Sage is one of nature’s little medical miracles. The fuzzy leaves are pleasantly aromatic and go very well with savoury dishes, but the plant’s benefits go far beyond taste. Sage is excellent at treating digestive and gastric upsets, easing painful digestive transit and soothing inflamed tummies.



Rosemary adds a unique flavour to lamb and mutton, but also boasts anti-fungal, anti-sceptic, anti-bacterial and even anti-inflammatory properties – all of which help to maintain good health and a great sense of well-being.

Rosemary can also be used topically. Make the leaves into a tea with boiling water and leave to infuse overnight. Strain out the leaves and any twigs that might have been included and save the rather murky water. Apply this water to acne-prone faces twice a day for the next week or so, by which time an improvement would have been noticed. NB: Keep cool, but do not keep this next to milk as it can cause it to sour prematurely.


Cumin has a curious smell – not unpleasant but rather earthy. It will be a familiar scent to anyone who is fond of curries, especially those made from scratch, rather than from pre-made sauces.

Cumin does not only add a great kick to your food though, it is good for breastfeeding mothers, useful against skin complaints like boils and has also proven efficacious against respiratory diseases such as asthma, iron deficiencies like anaemia, and even helps with insomnia.


Basil is a great addition to any tomato-based dish, but it is also known to have anti-microbial properties which fend off viruses and infections – excellent to use when all your classmates or colleagues are coughing and sneezing all over your workspace!

Basil has been shown to fight cancer, combat stress and promote cardiovascular health.

Wrapping It Up

With all the health benefits spices provide can you really afford to not have them in your diet? We have shown you the best spices to use in your diet now it is up to you to use them.

The different ways of adding them to your diet are endless and the best part about them is the fact that they make eating healthy enjoyable!

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How to Get Relief From Constipation Fast and Naturally

Home remedies how to get relief from constipation fast and naturally

How to Get Relief from Constipation is the key word searched so much on the internet because the more people are getting much trouble related to constipation.

Constipation is a type of the gastrointestinal disorder. It is a condition that the function of bowel movement is irregular causes the hard stool, so the defecation becomes more difficult.

This disease is the common problem; the suffered people may be children, adult or elder adult, male or female. However, the condition becomes more serious if the time you suffer from constipation is prolonged or in the medical term we call chronic illness.

Some further accompanying symptoms are hemorrhoid, foul breath, losing appetite, anxiety and hormone disturbance.

In order to relieve this trouble, the necessary thing is the find of the cause. The researchers conclude that there are so many reasons causing constipation.

It may result in the weakness of bowel mobility. This case appears when you are under pressure or stress as the autonomic nervous system diminish the activities of parasympathetic nervous system including the bowel mobility to concentrate the “fight or flight” status.

The other of the cause may be in the diet which supply too much protein and lack of fiber, a substance help feces softer and easy to be thrown out.

Besides, the inadequate supplying water is also the main cause constipation especially the formation of hard feces because it increases the reabsorption of water in colon and rectum.

If you have the irregular defecation routine and the less in physical activities, you may have the high risk of constipation.

Absolutely constipation happening is digestive system affects significantly in several organs as well as the other regime of the body and the daily activities.

If this condition still prolongs, your health is in danger seriously. Therefore you should find out the solution as soon as you can. Instead of the fast running to the pharmacy, you can save your money and prevent your safety from further adverse drug reaction by using the home remedies for laxative with something in or around your house.

Sweet Potato – High Fiber Fruits for Constipation

Sweet potato is the best home remedy for treating constipation. There is a really high concentration of fiber in sweet potato. Besides it also contains oligosaccharide which is a type of polymer saccharide and good for health. Because it is so easy to be absorbed, thrown out and still supplies enough energy for your b ody. Sweet potato helps your bowel movement better and smoother with the stools already softened by fiber.[clickToTweet tweet=”Sweet Potato – High Fiber Fruits for Constipation @HB_healthbeauty ” quote=”Sweet Potato – High Fiber Fruits for Constipation ” theme=”style3″]

How to use:

  • Prepare some bulb of fresh, sweet potato with its peel. Boil them for 30 minutes to one hour until they are soft and then you just take the skin out and enjoy it.
  • In the other option, you can cook it as other cereal for your dishes such as sweet porridge or soup.

Constipation completely disappears after the first use.

Citrus Fruit – Best Laxative For Constipation

All kind of citrus fruit mainly lemon and pomelo are the perfect natural laxative. They stimulus the bowel peristalsis more active and stronger so the waste can be thrown quickly. These kind of fruit are also succulent, that would be a real factor for the function of the gastrointestinal system.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Citrus Fruit – Best Laxative For Constipation @HB_healthbeauty ” quote=”Citrus Fruit – Best Laxative For Constipation ” theme=”style1″]


How to use:

  • Consume citrus fruit such as pomelo and orange after each meal as a dessert.
  • Alternatively, making a cup of lemon or orange juice is not a bad idea. Extract half an orange or a lemon into a cup of water. Add a little honey in order to increase the efficiency and the good taste.
  • The important key when you use this method is the right time for drinking it. The morning is best, especially when your stomach is empty because the juice not only stimulus the bowel mobility but also is the cleaner of the digestive tract.

Probiotic Yogurt – Best Homemade Laxative

It is known that the probiotic yogurt is the most efficient and simplest remedy for a laxative. This kind of yogurt includes so many good bacteria which is necessary for the healthy digestive function, in particular as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, and two bacteria are typically in the treatment of constipation.

Eating 1 to 2 packs of the probiotic yogurt each day could increase the frequency of defecation in normal, the stool softened and decreased the time of transit. The benefits can be observed so clearly if you are persistent in following this way.

Magnesium – Rich Food to Help Constipation

The scientist demonstrated that magnesium ion has the ability to pull water from outside to inside when it appears in the intestinal tracts. Therefore if you are seeking the way to treat constipation, you should focus on the foods which contain the higher magnesium ion.

The other reason for encouraging this method is that magnesium ion can create precipitation. It reduces the bicarbonate ion in your stomach which is the primary cause of the heartburn and foul breath. It is so easy to consume more magnesium safely.

Green leaf vegetable such as nuts and spinach or fish are the healthy products having high magnesium ion. You should add them to your daily meal.

Honey and Molasses

Best foods for constipation home remedies

Although honey which derived from bee and molasses derived from the plan are not completely the same structure, they have the similar effect as a natural laxative. Both of them contain the disaccharide is good for the gastrointestinal function.[clickToTweet tweet=”Foods That Help with Constipation with Natural way” quote=”Foods That Help With Constipation”]

Besides honey and molasses may help to reduce the consistency of the stools and make it move smoothly. Consuming them in the morning while the stomach is empty is the most efficient way because their ability of the thin covering with the gastric visceral protect your stomach from the negative stimulation.

How to use:

  1. Prepare a hot cup of water then add two tablespoons of honey or molasses into it.
  2. The other option is the direct consuming before the breakfast time.

Water – Important Factor in Relieving Constipation

Water plays a crucial role in the function of muscle and all activity of the digestive system. Drinking enough water is so important for you in the process of constipation treatment as that thing improve the bowel mobility stronger and hydrated facilities digestion. Therefore the wastes could be thrown out easier.

Drinking at least 2 liters per day help your body become healthier and far away from diseases.

There are some essential tips for you in order to prevent constipation:

Do not miss the meal. The studies demonstrate that eating stimulus the waste pushing reflects forward colon. It means that there is no food come in the mouth, there is no bowel movements, the cause of constipation.

  • More and more fiber is always good for your health
  • Keeping frequent defecation time
  • Do not try contracting the anal muscle during constipation. It may cause the further problem
  • The best position for defecation is the squatting with the angle of thigh and abdomen is 45 degree.




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Top 7 Secrets of Arugula Health Benefits

Arugula Health benefits

Do you know the secrets of arugula health benefits? Many people have never known about arugula, or it can be called rocket or rucola in some parts of the world.

Arugula is a beneficial plant which brings a lot of nutrients to your health. Commonly, with its pungent taste and tangy aroma, you are able to add it to a salad to enhance the delicious flavor.

In science, arugula is called Eruca sativa, a vegetable belonging to the cruciferous family, this genus can be considered as a healthy source of nature.

You perhaps see this plant in a thin and leafy shape with green color, as well as arugula is easily found right at your local food stores. Obviously, it is a good choice for the daily diet that lowers the risk of cancer, weak bone and eyesight.

Furthermore, arugula health benefits help you promote the memory, metabolism and immune system. To get the better result, you should choose the arugula with tender and bright green leaves.

Arugula is a natural antioxidant, it can aid you in improving the body systems and dealing with cancer. It is recommended that you should consume arugula in your basic meal to get all the wonderful health benefits.

Arugula Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Arugula contains a great deal of folic acid, phytochemicals that remove the free radicals and boost the overall health. Moreover, a study has shown that arugula is more effective than other vegetables of the family in fighting against cancer.

On the other hand, arugula is rich in fibers and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, all of which are good for your skin and help you deal with obesity, heart disease as well as many other problems.

Health Benefits of Arugula Leaves:

With 100 grams of arugula, it provides you

  • 25 calories, 1.6 grams dietary fiber
  • 2373 IU vitamin A
  • 15 milligrams vitamin C
  • 160 milligrams calcium
  • 47 milligrams manganese.

Here are some fabulous health benefits of arugula that you had better know about it. Thus you are able to add this great vegetable into your daily basis diet.

Fight Against Cancer

Arugula Health Benefits of cancer photo

As mentioned above, regular intake of arugula will reduce the risk of cancer due to high phytochemical content in this cruciferous vegetable. Arugula has been considered as the anti-cancer agent for a long time, especially cancer-related to breast, colon or bladder.

The phytochemical substance has the ability to eliminate the free radicals and harmful carcinogens which cause mutation of your cell. In addition, it may slow down the spread of the dangerous tumor. Undeniably, it is really imperative to prevent cancer from the beginning.

Improve Overall Health

The next health benefit of arugula we want to show you is to boost your health. Thanks to a great source of vitamin A in arugula, the function of many body parts will be enhanced.

Besides, it is also good for your skin, eyes and teeth. If you notice, the flavonoid substances in a leafy plant like arugula will guard your body against the attack of the cancer cell.

Strong Bones and Brain

Arugula contributes to the healthy bones and brain

Arugula contributes to the healthy bones and brain, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances which protect your body and strengthen the bones. The consumption of arugula can provide sufficient amounts of vitamin K that your body requires.

As you might know, vitamin K is a key element in forming and improving the bones. In fact, the neural degradation is the main reason for Alzheimer’s disease, luckily, arugula has the positive impact on this process.

So you need to add more arugula in your diet and you will see the improvement in your memory function.

Enhance the Immune System

Among wonderful health benefits of arugula greens, the outstanding benefit is to boost the immunity. Indeed, arugula is noticeably loaded with vitamins, in particular vitamin C, which will find out the harmful, dangerous free radicals and neutralize them.

Therefore, they cannot damage your DNA and mutate your cell. Furthermore, arugula helps to improve the immune system, keep it strong to protect your body from viruses and bacteria. The minerals found in huge quantities in arugula aids your immunity in functioning properly.


The minerals found in huge quantities in arugula aids your immunity in functioning properly.

Deal with Obesity

Arugul health benefits for Obesity images

When it comes to obesity, the arugula can be an ideal treatment. Because arugula is a vegetable with the low level of calorie, thus it has an amazing effect on losing weight fast. However, this leafy vegetable also contains

However, this leafy vegetable also contains the high level of vitamin that helps to keep your body healthy and balance the nutrition.

Metabolism and Digestion

Another arugula health benefits are rich in Vitamin B that plays an essential role in improving the metabolic process and cell growth. Obviously, vitamin B influences many cell activities such as restoring energy,

the synthesis of fat… In addition, arugula may maintain the pH level in your intestine and improve the digestion. Daily consumption of arugula is a natural solution to treat constipation and other digestive problems.


Last but not least, arugula is well known as a natural remedy for people who have vision problems, such as symptoms of red eyes. Arugula is rich in carotenoids which aid you in dealing with the macular issues.

In detail, when the macula degenerates gradually, it will cause the damage of your central visual and lead to cataracts. Thus, arugula will not let you down if you use it to improve the eyesight.