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5 Ways To De-Stress Everyday

Daily stress which can range from simple traffic problems to more complex ones due to work-related worries, financial strain, marital problems, and more can cause physical effects on our body. These include changes in mood, sleep patterns, eating habits and even contribute to life-threatening diseases like heart problems and development of cancer. With these said, it is important for us to pick our battles wisely and just shrug off the unnecessary ones.

Stress And Our Body’s Reaction To Stress

Stress is defined as mental or emotional tension due to demanding or adverse circumstances in one’s life. A study from the Stress Management Society indicates that is naturally designed to undergo 2 to 3 intense stress on a monthly basis. When the number goes higher, we feel burnt out. Likewise, when stress isn’t properly managed, our body suffers through the form of illness or weak physical and mental functioning.

When we are stressed, the hormone Cortisol floods our system and we begin to breathe rapidly because our heart rate increases and our blood vessels constrict. We experience discomfort and panic thinking that the situation is out of control and there’s nothing we can do about it. This is called the flight response.

5 Ways To De-Stress Everyday

The great news is, just like our body’s flight response, we are also capable of the relaxation response. When this happens, our breathing slows down and our blood pressure decreases. So, instead of wallowing over stress and feeling its debilitating stress, what we can do is to face it head on and divert our attention so we can undo its bad effects.

Follow these 5 scientifically backed ways to de-stress on a daily basis:


This is the #1 on the list because physical activity helps clear your head and encourage the production of the happy hormones Endorphins. Just imagine your Endorphins fighting off the Cortisols, eventually making you feel relaxed. You can go for 10-minute outdoor walk or exercise in the comfort of your home. How about trying on that vibrating plates you bought a week ago?


Natural oils from plants or herbs boosts our holistic well-being. There are lots of varieties of essential oils that you can use to decrease your stress levels up to 40% just like what many studies claim. You can rub it on the temples of your head or on your entire body, put it in a diffuser to calm the entire room, or rub it on your pillowcases.

Eat Better

Don’t mistake this tip for binge-eating. When I say eat better, I mean selectively picking healthy foods like an avocado, a bowl of nuts or oatmeal, a freshly-made smoothie, or veggie salad. Eat mindfully, focusing on its taste, texture, smell, and how it fills up your tummy.



Much of the stress we experience come from the television, emails, or text messages. So, what better way to give our mind a break than by unplugging for a couple of minutes or a few hours once a day, let’s say starting an hour before bedtime?


Are you into crocheting, knitting, or cross-stitching? Do you know that the repetitive motions can actually your anxiety? So, next time you feel to overwhelmed with life’s circumstance, grab your hook and yarn an start crafting!

Daily stress is inevitable. What we can control instead is our reaction to it, so we better be smart enough to do things that can alleviate, if not totally eliminate it in our daily lives. For more information, click here >> allvibrationplates | Best Vibration Plate Reviews

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